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NSVFA Legislation

LB 886 The Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act
$250 Nebraska Income Tax Credit
In a calendar year, you must get 50 of the possible 100 points to ‘qualify’ the first year. The 2nd and additional years to actually get the $250.00 tax credit:

Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act - The 2016 Tax Credit

2017 Legislative Stances

On January 28th representatives of NSVFA and the Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association met to review bills in the 2017 Legislature and approved the following positions on legislation that affects Nebraska fire and EMS providers.
 2017 Legislative Bill and Positions.

2016 the Nebraska Legislature passed Governor Ricketts signed, the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act. LB 886 created a $250 income tax credit that can be earned through a points system based on response, meetings, drills, training and community activities. The links below should provide good information, however if you have questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail the NSVFA office at Good luck!

References and Support

LB 886:

Weston Volunteer Fire & Rescue: Incentive Act Tracking

Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act Tracking Sheet

J Stilmock Implementation of LB 886

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