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In October, 2012, the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association was awarded a four year, $1.96 million SAFER Grant which has been met with a lot of enthusiasm. The intent of this grant is to help retain & recruit more Volunteers throughout the State of Nebraska.


The two major components of the grant are the STRIVE, State Tuition Reimbursement as Incentive for Volunteer Emergency Responders program and eight Recruitment and Retention workshops to be held between 2012 and 2016 at various locations throughout Nebraska. Registrations continue to be taken for the STRIVE program and four Recruitment and Retention Workshops have been held.  To read the details on either program and to make application for STRIVE, please click the appropriate button below. Questions may be addressed to [email protected] or by contacting the Adapt management group at 855-VOLFIRE.

SAFER Grant 2013 Year-End ReportFebruary 1, 2013 marked the KICK OFF of the STRIVE program. This program is for any & all current or future Volunteers. In order to qualify you must commit to Volunteer at your local department for 2 years; in that time period you must be active & in good standing. Once you have made the commitment you can receive up to $4,400 in tuition reimbursement for a year for you or for an immediate family member (someone who lives in your household or who is claimed as a dependent on your taxes). You can serve your commitment during the time you receive the reimbursement or during a period immediately after the education has been completed. (Click button to follow the directions for application).

NSVFA has currently hosted five of the eight workshops, one each at the 2013 and 2014 Fire Schools and one each at the Battle Creek Fire Department, at Omaha and at Lincoln. Two more Retention & Recruitment (R&R) Workshops are being planned and will be funded by the R&R SAFER grant. This is your opportunity to set aside two days from your busy schedule to focus on one of the most important aspects of your department: VOLUNTEERS. (Continue to check back for any possible updates):

  1. Norfolk, NE November 21-22 with meetings at Divots Conference Center and lodging at the Norfolk Lodge & Suites.

  2. Kearney, NE January 23-24, 2016 (details to be announced later)


September 19, 2015 – 2:30PM CDT
Nebraska Firefighters Museum and Education Center Memorial Garden
Hosted by the Albion Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department


NSVFA and NSVFAA members are invited to help honor deceased members who passed between the dates of January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014 at the Nebraska Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial Service being held Saturday, September 19, 2015, at 2:30 pm CDT at the Nebraska Firefighter’s Museum and Education Center Memorial Garden in Kearney.

This event is being hosted by the Albion Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department and the NSVFA.

The service will closely resemble the National Fallen Firefighter's Memorial Service with several song selections, speakers and reading of the names as part of the program. Please check with the NSVFA office by calling 800-642-6024 or emailing [email protected] to assure no one is missed. Names to be read are needed no later than August 21, 2015, to be included in the program.

The NSVFA also encourages members to stay after the Memorial Service to enjoy the first annual Firefighters Ball sponsored by the Museum. This is an event open to the public but the focus is to honor Nebraska’s hardworking Firefighters and EMTs. Details are available on the Nebraska Firefighters Museum web site at

Motel rooms are available at any Younes Motel at Kearney. To reserve a motel room and receive a special rate, ask for the Fireman’s Ball.





BIG CHANGES are coming! The NSVFA E-Board has authorized the purchase and implementation of a new software system that will allow NSVFA members and departments access to membership data and Fire School registration and Annual Conference registration on line. For Departments to do this, the NSVFA and the software management company requests that each member Department designate a “PRIMARY CONTACT” who would then renew your Department’s membership as a group and enter group Fire School or group Annual Conference registrations or update members’ information. Individuals with password access will also be able to use the software but only to review and update their own data and to complete their personal registrations.


BY JANUARY 31, 2015, the NSVFA office requests that every department submit a “PRIMARY CONTACT” for their department to the office. This may be done by emailing the NSVFA office at [email protected] or calling the office at 800-642-6024.


Responsibilities of the ‘PRIMARY CONTACT” follow:

  • This “PRIMARY CONTACT” person should be comfortable performing tasks on a computer.

  • This person will be responsible for logging into the system and completing membership renewal and updates as well as have the ability to perform group registrations for Fire School or Annual Conference.

  • This ‘PRIMARY CONTACT” will be required to have a phone number and valid email address which must be provided to and kept current at the NSVFA office.

  • This ‘PRIMARY CONTACT” must check their email on a regular basis.

    Every department should start looking at the appointment of this position now!

There is still a lot of work to be accomplished but the office is hopeful that this new system will be up and running to allow 2015 Nebraska State Fire School registration on line. If Departments wish to use the power of the program, the NSVFA office will need your “PRIMARY CONTACT”.


Keep Fire Prevention Alive all year long


“Excerpt from NVFC email of October 14, 2011”
Remember that fire prevention is something we need to emphasize all year long. Fire departments and Fire Corps programs are encouraged to continue to strengthen their prevention and safety campaigns and spread community awareness to help keep residents safe and prevent tragedy throughout the year.

The NSVFA has a very active Fire Prevention Committee who is happy to help departments find resources and activities related to Fire Prevention.


NSVFA and Nebraska Fire Chief’s Association Membership Annual Enrollment begins July 1, 2015.


JOIN TODAY! Department’s memberships will speak as a stronger voice in guiding the future of all Fire & Emergency Services in Nebraska. Enrollment documents were mailed June 7 to department addresses but are also available on the Forms page of this web site or at the Membership tab.

The NSVFA looks forward to all previous departments’ memberships being renewed and welcomes new members. New departments will also have received enrollment packets and the office will assist with any inquiries or can assist with attendance of a representative at a department meeting to assist with questions.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Membership dues for the new term, July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, remain the same and will be $20.00 per member as approved by motion at the NSVFA E-Board.  Significant to membership enrollment is that a grace period of July 1 to September 1 has been established for NSVFA dues to be paid for renewing memberships. What does this mean? Memberships not renewed by September 1, will have the member benefits of the newspaper and $4,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance discontinued until such time that memberships are renewed.

Also available is the Gold Badge Associate Membership and Corporate Sponsor Membership, all on the Forms page of this web site.


Benefits: In addition to the American Income Life $4,000 accidental dismemberment insurance, the Nebraska Firefighter newspaper, the Fire School class fee member discount, and the availability of Nebraska Public Agency Investment Trust to members of the NSVFA, membership now also offers the following new benefits.


  1. ATIRAcredit Master Card   ||   APPLY NOW   ||

  2. California Casualty Auto and Home Insurance

  3. Columbia Southern University online education

  4. Enterprise rental discounts


Visit the NSVFA Member Benefit Partnerships tab for additional information or click the icons to the right for more details.


Current Events:

California Casualty has been providing specialized auto and home insurance to those that make our communities better for over 100 years. This exclusive program offers special firefighter rates, money-saving discounts, exceptional customer service and unique firefighter benefits. To learn more or to get a quote, call 1-866-680-5143 or visit Be sure to mention that you’re a member of the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association. You can also reach California Casualty’s web page by clicking on their icon on the right side of this page or by clicking:

California Casualty currently has two promotions open until October 7, 2015

The winner of California Casualty’s next “Work Hard/Play Hard” contest will have their choice of a 2015 special edition peace officer or firefighter/EMT Harley-Davidson® FLHP Road King or $25,000. It’s California Casualty’s biggest prize yet!

The contest is open to peace officers, EMTs and firefighters, American heroes who work hard and risk their lives to make our communities safer.   This is why California Casualty is giving one lucky winner the opportunity to win a new 2015 Custom Harley Davidson or $25,000.  Entries will be taken through October 7, 2015 and the entry form and rules can be found at

*Harley-Davidson is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, USA. All rights reserved. Harley Davidson is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this contest.

Always available through California Casualty at is a “Nominate Your Hero” award which requires filling out a simple form. Each “Hero of the Month” wins a $250 gift card and will be entered in a chance to win a $10,000 grand prize.

Winner of the Bass Boat:

The winner of California Casualty’s latest “Work Hard, Play Hard” contest is Tom Vail, Volunteer Firefighter of the Sidney Fire Department, NE. Given the option of a bass boat or $10,000, Vail chose the $10,000 option and was presented the check August 1, 2013.

California Casualty's “Work Hard, Play Hard” contests honor and reward everyday heroes such as firefighters, volunteer firefighters, peace officers and EMT's – this time with a bass boat or $10,000 equivalent cash option. Tom Vail’s name was randomly selected from a pool of nearly 11,000 entries from around the nation.

Tom arrived at the Sidney firehouse for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting unaware of the surprising news awaiting him. Shawn Courtney, California Casualty Representative, had the honor of presenting Tom with a $10,000 check while announcing him as the latest “Work Hard Play Hard” contest winner.


The NSVFA sponsors lobbying at state and national levels, supporting a Nebraska State Lobbyist and two representatives to the National Volunteer Fire Council. Each year the NSVFA and Nebraska Fire Chief’s Association executive boards meet with their Legislative and EMS Committees to choose legislative goals which senators may sponsor in the upcoming session. Each January, the NSVFA and Fire Chiefs sponsor an annual breakfast with the senators to which all members are invited where they may visit with senators about the importance of the fire and EMS services in Nebraska and to ask the senators assistance with upcoming legislative matters. A Legislative Stance meeting is held in January or early February that is open to all members of the NSVFA and Nebraska Fire Chief’s Association where upcoming legislative bills are discussed and stances developed by the two Associations.

These efforts have paid off. The following list of bills is a small sample of those approved in recent years that are important to Nebraska fire and EMS services:

APPROVED May 27, 2015, LB 325 to change levy provisions for rural and suburban fire protection districts.
APPROVED April 22, 2014, LB 811 in which LB 752 was amended expanding the provisions relating to assault of a healthcare professional to also include emergency responders, firefighters, and out-of-hospital emergency care providers.
APPROVED April 22, 2014, LB 390 in which LB 772 was amended increasing the authority of the Adjutant General to make expenditures up to $25,000 for aerial fire suppression or a hazardous materials response without a state of emergency proclamation.
APPROVED April 16, 2014, LB 961 in which LB 820 & LB 895 were amended. LB 820 authorizes Nebraska to join the Great Plains Interstate Forest Fire Compact. The Compact is contained within Section 1 of LB 961 and Section 2 of the bill sets forth requirements for Nebr. Volunteer firefighters to provide certification of insurance covering Nebraska volunteers for workers’ compensation benefits outside the boundaries of Nebraska. LB 895 clarified provisions of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act, which will be beneficial to volunteer firefighters and volunteer emergency medical personnel.
APPROVED February 13, 2014, LB 403 to prohibit the retail sale of Novelty Lighters.
APPROVED June 3, 2013, LB 634 and 634A, the Wildfire Control Act of 2013, and the funding bill were signed into law by Governor Heineman and because of an emergency clause became law effective immediately.  The NSVFA/NVCA through their lobbyist, Gerald Stilmock and the Nebraska Forest Service through Dr. Scott Josiah, Nebraska State Forester partnered advantageously to support these bills and move them through the legislative process.   The Act provides for a Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) for rapid initial attack during fire seasons, funding for expanded programs in firefighter training, forest fuels reduction, federal excess property provision, burned land restoration, and wood product market development.
APPROVED April 5, 2007, LB 160 to Change fire and rescue department provisions relating to clothing, equipment, and donations
APPROVED March 31, 2008, LB 948, the Emergency Responders Job Protection Act, was incorporated into LB 1096
APPROVED April 9, 2009, LB 110, Providing for Specialty License Plates (The Department of Motor Vehicles processes and regulations for this bill are being developed.)
APPROVED April 22, 2009, LB 206, Adopt the In the Line of Duty Dependent Education Act This bill will provide education benefits for surviving children of LODDs for those attending state universities, state colleges and community colleges located in Nebraska.
APPROVED May 13, 2009, LB 92, Move-Over Bill, Serious support was provided by the NSVFA and the AAA.
APPROVED May 19, 2009, LB 198, Adopt the Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Act Beginning January 1, 2010, cigarette manufacturers and cigarette retailers will be required to produce, market and sell only cigarettes that comply with the Fire-Safe Cigarette law.
APPROVED April 14, 2010, LB 780, Mental-Mental Workers Comp - a first responder suffering mental injury will be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits upon establishing certain criteria. The law will expire in four years

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